Weekend..what i did today.. anything useful. anything productively….

Got up early around 6 morning.. Helped my wife not always but ok.. then came to office..What did I do in office? Just answered couple of question which won’t take more than 1 hours.. submitted timesheet.. then..Nothing useful.. I have a chance of learning new domaina nd technology but not useing.. i am not kind of the person and I should not be like this.. i should eager to learn new things..

I was trying to learn CSS today but asusual by book not with project.. though i knew already, why again and again i am trying same way to learn things.. why sholdn’t  take project to learn CSS.. but again working in two project at the same time won’t give much benifits.. i should get rid of the happits.. as I’ve started ruby, i should complete that first and deploy the code.. then i should start learning next stuff.. what about learning non technical skills , like timemanagement, productivity increasing..is that really usefull?

I’ve spent much time on reading twitter, quora, time and other newspaper.. why i am doing that.. That is not giving any tangable result.. i should avoid that..


Again, today i did mastrupation.. but it is ok..

I should ask following question everyday to make sure, I am in right track..

  1. What did I learn?
  2. What did I improve?
  3. What did I enjoy?
  4. What kind act did I do?