Yday,I’ve celebrated diwali.. i called most of my friends to wish diwali wishes..Everything went fine.. I had good relationship with my wife.. took day off and stayed home.. everything went well.. Most importantly, I haven’t had any fight with my wife…yahoooooooooooo… thants really nice and she too very happy .. i did romance with her.. though she was not slept with me that night..but it was ok..

I’ve spent most of the time reading about Rails framwork..but nothing did any special. Have eaten enough sweats and snacks.. one minor accident happen due to carelessness of my wife .. and i was not much angry with her.. but it shouldn’t be done here after..

We all went to temple , attendeded fireworks . Night my wife’s friend came to home.. talked with her .. she was awesome..i liked her much..after then went to sleep..

Lession Learned..

Learned RUBY….

Not keep oily items near flammable stuff..

Still, I am not doing much work but study.. Instead of studying what can be done using RUBY on RAIL. I could have done something .. Work work work.. Instead of study study study.. that only make me perfect.. I will follow up tomorrow and do things instead of learn..