After joining tostmaster club, I’ve completed 2 speeches .. I did very well on both of the speeches and awarded best speaker .. that would be factastic.. and i really never expected that.. What is the reason.. onething is clear, if i join some instituation and forced myself for doing things i would perfrom better.. So.. What i need i want some project.. i want project to do it that make me improve.. I have to find the project ….

My club members are so nice and always encourage.. one of the speech , one girl advised to write whatever in your mind to get free from stress.. so I’ve started this.. instead of wasting paper.. i go green way.. online way.. I am writing whatever I am thinking.. all bullshit stuff to clean up my mind..

My next speech is Get the Point title.. which I should start preparing.. I should prepare carefully.. But really writing like this make my mind free.. I am going to write all my experience like think..Why knows?  I would become better columnst if i follow the same patter… just joking…