What did i do on weekends? anything useful?

Friday, just hang out with friends and watched movie… slept on 2 PM.. thats bad.. Got up late on Satrday…and did nothing but went to Temple..

Meanwhile, again as usual i get angry with my wife because not having sex with me.. come on.. she is pregnent.. why i am not understanding her concern.. I shouldn’t distrub her on this matter and that is not pave way to good for my life..

It was the first time  i went to without help of detailed map or GPS.. I did mistake on time on taking exit.. but i drove well ..Reached temple and did pray.. I donated oil . but I should have helped them on cleaning. somehow i was not interested and came back..

Friday, the most useful thing is , Ive completed the blog which talk about programmer and essentials skills –  What I learned from that article..

Programming skills is not just do the program but creating value.. We can call anything to worthy program, if it reduce the cost and increase the profit.. Two kind of 1, Profit center 2 cost center..

Those who are working in Profit center  can secure their job  and that can’t be outsorced. ok Am I working in profit center?

Next time when i got interviewed , i shouldn’t tell i have created the program or something.. but i should say .. the software which I’ve created solves the major problem that recuses this much percentage of cost and increase the revenue.. if I am not providing answer something is wrong..

The main , essential skills for programmer is communication.. without communicationa nd presentation skills it is very difficult to be a programmer.. I need to increase my skills on that..”

After that, I completed “Power of Pull” book and took notes of that..i think, really a usefull book.. it says …how can we survive in this moden hyper connected world..

1, Access – I believe, i am doing good enough to access new skills abut lacking communicate my career goal to my frinds which prevents me getting networks

2, Attract: Attrack says , we need to build the link and network and we should attract them bygiving bacon.. bacon means anything which can be usefull.. either career advice and training..

3, Achieve It is high level of pull.. by using the two skills i need to improve my selft. Creation space need to be created.

I took the programming work and did very well.. It is clearly says that  I am happy if i am doing and finishing my programming taks.. the only problem is , I am not starting .. if i’ve started means , I am proceeding like anything.. I should learning. the skills and plan in such a way that…

Sunday.. I haven’t done anything usefull.. went to friend house and hangout entire day.. nothing useful.. Again both days i read sex stories.. and spent time on tha.t.that is buillshit.. i should avoid that.. i grownup now..New process added..

As said, Achiever not only think about the goal but interested the process how achieving goals..

So what ever the news/blog anythign, i should enter the in wonderlist and start dooing that based on that…=

Saturday was usefull and did some vlid job.. but sunday and friday total flap..

  1. What did I learn?
  2. What did I improve?
  3. What did I enjoy?
  4. What kind act did I do?