Am I learning from past experience?

How many times i forgot the the house key in the door? even in mail box?

How many times i kept my car key in the car? Why am i repeating again? Why i havent learned lession out of it and repeating same mistakes again? the one reason could be that as I am not suffering due to this mistakes it is not stored in depth in my mind.. what would be the solution. why can’t we create story out of it so that I can remember this alwasy..

How can I write a story?

One day i went to mall and we enjoyed there and came back to home..As i have to take care of my daughter, i simply kept my car key in my car and not noticing on that.. came to home after then we slept..Next day morning I woke up early to catch the flight to go to connecticut where I get new project.. I am about to ship my car..The parcel service man came home and asked for key..i just forgot wehre i kept key.. i searched around i couldn’t find.. i don’t have much time as we have to catch flight.. then i relaized i kept it in my car.. but when i came out the key was not there in my car.. i got disappointed.. the service man said , he can’t take the car without keys..i disappointed then i noticed i am running late of flight.. nothing happened.. i miss the flight, i couldn’t send my car also… I felt very sad and I lost the money also then after 2 hours my frined called me and said he has my keys and he took the keys from car and kept it safe.. i get somethig  relaxed but because of that i miss the flight..and my opportunity car.. I should be very carefull .. there are n number of wrong thing happen by missing and keeping the car keys in the care.. Be safe ..