Fixing and Building something is very happy moment. Yes. I felt very happy and content whenever i repaired TV, radio . Even fixing some defects. Life is full of small fixing and building stuffs.

Recently i’ve fixed Grinder and got that grinder for free. šŸ™‚ One bad thing in Indian education is , even those who completed mechanical/electrical engineer in reputed college, couldn’t open any simple elctrical machine and check what was happening there.. The computer professional made us so lazy and we became fully virtual. what would be the future for us.. Is that could? Why aren’t we building real product which we can touch and feel.

When my wife asked about asking Grinder and repairing that, i was not much interested.. She was saying for more than a month. I accepted andĀ volunteered to get the machine and do the repair.. one fine afternoon, i went her friends’ house and picked up it to home. I was quit busy on that friday and after came home.i started open the machine.

One thing i realized is , it was very tight and I opened all screews and .I pluged the wire and tested what is happening .. what i noticed is , the motor was trying to rotate but something was stopping that to move further..

I put much oil to lubricate that..Finally i was successful and i removed the belt and i noticed the the other part of motor is so tight and it couldn’t rotate.. i put old and make roatate till it rotate feeling.. then i tried to put everything together.. worked.. it was working very well.. i am very happy that i could fix the Grinder and got that free.

the lession learning.. Give a shot.. you may know lot of things.. don’t avoid any opportnity that u can learn something.. Give a shot.. I gave a shot to fix Grinder and i did it.. it was really happy movement..


I will fix and create simple stuff to make me happy always.. Building and fixing stuff make life a meaningfull.