This is not a sex story, but i just want to log all my back history and lesson learned..Here I am going to write all my sex encounters..

When was my first encounter? Who inspired my sex feeling? i don’t remember exactly.. but i remember i am doing mastrupation since from my 8th std.

My first book..

If i remember correctly, when i was studying 8th standard, i went to our new house  where one elderly teacher tenented.  she was around 50 years and no children and husband passed away. She was a Christian. When i stayed her home, there was a bookshelf where i openly saw lot of sex books.  i don’t know what was she doing with that book and how she got all those. still those are unanswered question to me.. i was first reading those books, that was related to a pimp story ..i  remember of doing 3/4 times on that day.

I am having relationship with my friend Karthik, from 8th standard. I don’t know how it was started. By mistake,i hold his pennis and he hold me back..we started doing in school and i used to go to his house ..i enjoyed with him..Even after married, i called him to my home and enjoyed full night. The right next day of his marriage we had sex.

My close frind Ashok, once stayed in my home as my parents went to somewhere. that day, during night, he touched my things and started doing..i liked that .. but somehow he was not interested after then and he stopped..

I had with Manikandan one time..

Just had sex talk with Savithri, a beautiful brahmin girl..she was talking about sex alwasy.. but never got a chance to touch any of her stuff.

One day, i met one guy in bus, who touched my stuff and wanted to do.. i called him to my home ..he is a nice guy who wants to drink all my stuff.. i enjoyed ..he drink all of that..

Madhan, he is not a nice guy.. but had a sex with him..

After came to other country, first i went to strip club with my friend..where i enjoyed..