My  daughter was very sick on Sunday night around 8PM. We were in birthday party. Her temperature was so high..and it was very bad…Temperature went up to 102 but she was normal and no other symptoms like vomiting, etc..

We went to hospital. As usual, here they won’t give anything to cure.. But back to India, whenever we go to Hospital we sued to get some Antibiotic and vitamin tablets ..Even some daughter give injection also ..but here things are different.. On Wednesday , we were in hospital and she checked everything. My daughter temperature was 99. She listened everything carefully and said, nothing to worry.. Virus or Bacteria can cause the Fever. Virus fever go away automatically 5 days and we no need give any antibiotic medicine.. just giving Tylinal is enough. but the fever last more than 5 days i requires Antibiotic .. Antibotic kill the Bacterica which cause the fever.. it will take effect after 3 days only. but even the fever was cured. it should be eater 7 days atlest to make sure it was not comming again..