Went to night club again with my friend.. As usual a Girl.. came with.. i wanted to dance in the common floor , but she forced me to go to VIP roam by saying kissing and touching.. screwed up….i was in her trap.. i paid $20 for entrance fee..and danced.. she touched all places.. and i kissed her too.. but she was not allowing me to kiss in her face..after 2 songs.. all my stuff came out.. but she wanted to dance again..she asked me to kiss her neck and put my hand in her panties.. but i was run out of money and said .. enough is enough.. but she said , i have to give 60 as i touched her.. i said no.. then she asked tips..and i gave $5.. she was quit angry.. and i don’t care about that.. but that is really flop..ihave spent$75 .. but nothing i ganined.. i would have done mastrubation thinking about some of my wife’s friend which would give more plessrue to me..

Hate night club..