Black Friday is Really Scam. I remember of seeing 3 black Fridays in US , but i haven’t done anything much. This black Friday, yesterday, i planned to do shopping with my friend. Did i buy anything usefull.. here is my story.

I have started  night around 10 and reached to wallmart. People are so cracy and nothing left in the wall mart.. All people are started buying as if everything was given freely without any cost.

So i went inside and started joining the mega festival . I first bought plastic and then activity table for my daughter. I war searching for mini chopper which I couldn’t find . I took Samsong player which i returned later. Everthing comes around 38 and we moved out of WallMart..

Next, we went to Frys..not find anything and decided to buy the wireless keyboard , and the queue was so big and after crossed some distance we realized that that was not a wireless keyboard but just a USB keyboard.. and we dropped the Card and moved out.

Then, we came to BestBuy by walking.. that was quit distance, it may be reason for my today cold. ya.. i am feeling so cold..that is the only big item i got  so far.  Again back to actual stuff, I roamed all around and i find some stuff, Samsong DVD player and Philips DVD  player,then returned back the DVD player.. and took only Philips DVD player.

We decided to go to Metro mall after then, the first shop we visited there was Sears where we find some good Jeans . i think, that was good deal and price. Then, i found the digital photo frame and took that.. We returned to Staples..

There is not much crowd in Staples and everything was good there. No one had very big willingness to buy a TV there..The price was OK there. i bought some hard disc.. After my friend suggestion , i decided to buy a laptop there. The laptop was not good deal at all.. i payed around 490 for that laptop and i don’t think that is fair deal.

Came home .. full tired. and slept full day.. Not buying anything for my wife and children and though of going to shop after then, As i felt so tired, i couldn’t go anywhere and i lost my patience…I had a big fight with my wife and we are not speaking not and i am writing this.

Screwed up..I might have wasted around 75 hours for researching things which i need to be done on Thanksgiving day. $ workth of my hours is $2220 and i wasted everything to buy stuff that woth around 400 bugs..

1, I am keep checking deal site.. it that right?  It is not good, i should have a things which needed most. but do i need anything else

2, Do i need pad really? why i need? can I do programming using that.. No .. Maybe i can check whatever i did .. butfirst i have to create something which i can test there.. So i won’t be buying anything unless i have tested some sold stuf using android OS.

3.i was reading “Art of Starting” and not studying much hardly read 2,3 pages. that was really bad that won’t be good. i think, i am choosing reading as a tool to avoid doing.. “Doing is imporent not reading

Trhow the happit of looking discout and buysing things .. Accumulating stuff always.. Be happy with the stuffs which the stuff we are using. Happy living.. less is beautiful.. less is peacefull.