I do like reading lot.. that is good habit… but reading is enough? diffidently not.. It is the doing which makes the difference..

Reading news.. I am reading news.. what it gave to me? Am I a politician or journalist who need to be get updated alwasy.. No I am not a Journalist or politician and policy maker.. and i don’t need much information.. i think, i am consuming more than what i need.. why i need to know abotu Pak and pak-us relation.. how that will affect my improvement..

What is good for me and my family .. that i can take care first..So i have to restrict myself reading news.. So what about reading news only in night times.. no reading on day times or office hours.

To learn something i have to do something daily.. i have to think about the business model which i am going to make.. The first thing is ding the productivity stuff.. i spend time daily to do some tangable work.. i will add the task in my taks list..i have to use that effectivly..

Rules to follow.

1, Importent first.. and don’t be stupid and lazy.. be active and helpful to others.

2, What makes me happy..

1, Repairing Grider, 2 Taking shakka class, 3 Doing programming.. 4, learning new things..