The moot question is whether I would be channelizing the skills I have in the favor to monitories and expertise in the field I am working on.

Neither reading lot of books nor watching movies nor learning more languages is making me expert. To expert, I have to sit and work on. I have to do something useful.

It is more or less certain that when some people joins any company; they will emerge clear leader and get promotion faster that other people.

Another right way to improve, always be thinking that there is some one with us full day observing whatever we do… They are watching what direction I take and how I respond the situations. ..

What are the special skills I have? What can I learn or do that will make me special? I want to feel different.. I want to get out of commodity crowd. What needs to be done?
1, I need to create a tool that can be used world wide..
2, I should write the blog
3, I should share some of the my work as a open source
4, I should montor the people

I goal should be clear, ok What is my goal.

I am looking for a position as an Archetech for a big company and get responsibility working on challenging project.

I don’t wna tto be a salt.. I want to be something different..
I want to be more likable to others.. I shuld make more friend and keep all old friend in touch.

I need to build a brand.. I need to increase my network .