Why Indians are so cheap? This was the question asked by a pretty strippers…It was happened to me today..She talked so nice..She told I was handsome..She kissed me..huged me. and I did a dance and finally she said , i have to pay thrise as i did kiss.. When I asked why she said i was so cheep..Why I came to US.. just to get bad name to my country.. Get up and get good name.. When I am going to change the name.. When should she ask.. Why Indian are so generous and well-being.. God feared.. Good looking..Hard working , Sincere..I should do something..I gave bad name to my country.. It is too bad.. I should do something to make my country proud.. I should remove the name ‘Cheap’.. I should prove Indians are not cheap.. they are very good people ..

What should I do for that…

1, Don’t follow the short happiness and be good and sincere.

2 Work hard and be so generous

3 Help other

So here after I won’t expect attempt happiness from other people.. I follow Ram PATH..

I will be generous and clean.. Cleaning should be a habit for us..