I am the person who wants to learn more, who wants to know everything and gaining knowledge..  Is knowledge essentials?  What is the use of knowledge if I simple acquired but never used. Do I have any knowledge which I have spend more time to acquire but never used? Is there any use of following so many people in twitter and reading almost all the self-improvement article? Have i ever applied any of the things which I have learned

As Einstein said, Imagination rules the world..Imagination is very impotent… Vevekanda also said Knowledge come from inner not from outer world.   So I will spend more time on gaining knowledge from inside instead of looking from books.

Have I learned anything just by reading books and watching videos? How much time have i spent on twitter and Facebook. What have I learned from there? First of  all what is learning?

Let say I am very expert in Python or Ruby .. What is the use of that.. When my knowledge will be useful? I believe, my knowledge will be useful only if I’ve used my knowledge and doing any goodthing with the people thing worth to use or pay money for that..

What kind of knowledge I have.. Here are the list of knowledge I have

1, Programming skills:  JAVA , PHP, RUBY , PYTHON , C, C++, HTML,CSS, JAVA SCRIPT, JQUERY





So I’ve everything required to create website or Robot but am i using my knowledge to create useful things.. I am thinking or imaging something from my mind.

Here are this list of skills I have or want to achive and action steps to reach that..


Doing useful stuff using Electronics

Monitrozation of my programing sklls outside job


Public speaking

Write/Draw something daily..

Keep task list simple

Final thought … Spend more time on thinking and doing the stuff which I have.. Come up with the plan which would be useful and profitable..

So to start project.. first allocate funds.. Here I am investing my $200 for my small business.. Let see how it grows..