One day I got interview from Amazon via Linked In. I never thought of switching company but since it was Amazon I though of attending. I responded saying my interest and with in 5 minutes I got a call from HR. She scheduled interview on Thursday. I had 3 days to prepare for that interview.

I started studying Algorithm . I gained knowledge in Stack, Queue, Binary tree, Linked list..I commited myself only study for interview.. I went thru the all lecture in Courcera Algorithm cource..  Sunday I started do to coding my own.. that is quit interesting and i learned lot when I start coding instead of just looking and walking thru the lessions.

 Monday in office, I worked  only 1 hour and after then started analyzing all the algorithms. I cancelled my Toastmaster meeting and fully busy in preparing for this interview.. Sunday I got time to write about myself.. which helped me lot during interview..

 The day arrives, Morning 6AM, i woke up .. get ready.. and started.. But there was heavy trafic..I went the place and parked my car.. and get into the 2nd floor of the building. I met Sandra , the recepcenist.. She was so cool , she servered water and also give some tocken which i can give for my parking.

 Sharply 8 A.M, She asked me to wait in the special room where interviewer come .. I have never seen such kind of interview..

1st Interviewer:

 At the beginning , 2 person came one is Indian another amerian, they explanined the role of the company what they are doing.. then I started saying about me.. what I am doing. blob.. blob.. blob.. he asked what the issue i faced and ho w i resolved.. how to deal with presentation team.. how my skills were used ..then he gave a question.. if u give alphabet,it should return corresponding number.. example if a it should return 1, b it should return 2, and z it should return 26.. the catch is if the input is aa, it shoud reurn 27.. i really got confused.. then he helped me to create formula about of that we came with formula somehting… then i start writing code.. but i almost screwed up everyhting .. what heppened to me .. I don’t know .. but it is kind of screed up..

 2nd Itnerviewer..

 Then, 2 american came.. he is so cool.. he started asking questions..first quetion is quit simple.. i should write a function, that compare 2 folders, file and content and return true only if everything matches with two folders.. So i started writing code.. in my code I first checked the size and if not same return false.. He really appropriated that concept.. then i have done the code that do this operation recursively and I explained him again this.. he is quit happy.. but next question is bit difficult.. he explained a game single man game.. i forgot the game name.. but the game goes like this.. if the living object has less than 3 neighbor it is die.. more than 4 it is dier an if ti as 3 neigbour it alive.. kind of and he askemed me to create object out of that.. I really swerved .. i don’t know how to create object out of that.. i did something and he helped me to create another object.. GameBoard and describe .. but i kind of screwed this part..

 3rd Interviewer..

 here come a India guy who has around 7 year experience.. he said he is working as a dev lead.. His first quetion is how to design a system which get the input from various source such as Facebook, email , twitter, linked in and do the automated response.. he aslo suggested i need to desing a system which have disaster proof and handle multi millinon.. I have created callss and handler of each system such as twitter.. Facebook.. but his expectation was whether ia m using quieue system, object pooling, load balancing..etc.. so i answered kind of ok.. then he asked the to swap child nodes in binary tree.. I wrote array representational of binary truee.. but  it seems he was expecting linked list.. so i created linked list.. and wrote a code to swap the list.. he is kind of satisfied..

 4th interviewer..

 Next interview, 2 person came 1 person is chinese and another american.. Once entered, Chinese eprson asked to find the next biggest valeu from the target node.. i faced difficulties to understand his acccept. he explained everything by writing.. but somehow i couldn’t find the way to solve the problem.. then he asked how to find target folder.. i created function for that.. then  i analzyed and gave the solution that the the we need to search whether the node value is greater than left and less than right target node.. he is kind of OK.. but he said we don’t have time to explain or write code .. he then asked, what are the difficulties faced in our project and how i resolved. i answered it..

 5 th interviewer

 Next is recruiter,, he asked HR rleatled queestion.. he clearly explained wha is the organization doing.. what the developers are doing there.. he asked my visa status and whether I need transfer or sponsporship.. He said, Amazon process trasfer as well as green card if required.. I asked whether i can work from India…kind of question.. he said.. next itnerview will be in few mintes.. ia m already tirmed.. then he talk with someone and released me.. and came to car parking .. get the car .. and drove directly to my daughter school a.. Picked her and reacher home..

 Very nice journey.. Felt i achieved somethng.. Project oriented approach.. 🙂

 Lesson learned from this interview:

 1,  Need to list the issue problem faced and corresponding solution.

2,  improve the problem solving skills and avoid just reading and isntead do something..