1, Music model

In the Classical tradition, a musician knows what he or she is going to play; the music is writtendown. What seperates the greats from the rest is how well they perform that music.

For speach improvement, watch a presentation that you consider especially well done and make notes of its various points; later, after you’ve forgotten most of it, use your notes to createa talk making the same points. ​

​2, Chess Model

Excellent chess players practice by studying positions from real games between top-levelprayers, organized by various themes – openings, end-games, attacks , defenses, andmanyother categories that are far more refined.

Case Method/Model Pioneered b hardword business school. You’re presented with aproblem,and your job is figure out a solution.

Don’t jsut read the news, imagine how it might affect the business you’re in or want to be in,andanswer the question: What would you do? then comes a critically imporent step: Write youranswer down and keep it .

3, Sports Model

two large categories:

: One is conditioning, building the strength and capacities that are most useful in a given sport. Tennis players work on stamina so they can still get the ball three hours into the match

The other category of practice is working on specific critical skills.- Batting a baseball, throwing afootball, hitting a golf ball ou tof the sand.

In my field, as a software programmer, Design patter, software engineering are the condittionaling.  Doing program in Java is special skills.

specific skill development, how to develop IPhone, ANDROID applicaiton.

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