Having seen the so much talk about Rail framework ,I had decided to learn Ruby on Rails. I’ve found excellent book on Rails, published by Sitepoint.

I’ve spent 2 weeks to complete everything to learn in Rails and i felt very proud as I’ve added another language in my resume. So i though of writing simple project. I couldn’t think about any kick ass application myself. so I decided to model exactly like some online application and I’ve choosed TadaList by 37Signals.com.

I started by implementing “login” functionality  and it didn’t work. I’ve copied the code in online here and there and pasted and try to run.. Nothing worked. Then, I realized learning by learning is not a learning it is just adding some information. I realized , I can only learn better by doing.

Lession Learned

Without doing any action or any project, I can’t learning anything. Programming also same as Swimming and I can’t learn programming without doing program.


Instead of adding more information, I write program and project. Instead of reading more blog,twitter, facebook, I should write blog about the information which I know very well.

My Programming Technique:

Once I have basic knowledge about the programming or technology, find any simple project or website in online and try to simulate the same with the language I ‘ve learned . By doing this , though I am not creating remarkable application , i can learn something about the programming language. After the code is ready to use, I can add or reduced some functionality to make unique application.